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Post by Ethrex on Wed Apr 13, 2016 5:33 pm

Descended Angels CODEX is as following:

When you decide to apply to us you automatically accept this codex and rules.

1. You should always behave well to everyone, you carrying our name is a great responsibility.

2. You should always obey higher ranked members (any questions or wonders just ask me)

3. You should always respect eachother and never ever attack anyone unless they attack you (in that case try to not fight anyway and spread love and friendship instead, also contact a higher ranked member asap)

4. You should never spoil any information about our guild and the things that will be said within the guild other than the public information. Also if you are an old member of our guild this rule still applies to you.

5. You should always try to have the guild-chat open.

6. You should always try to help a member or an allied guild-member in need of help

7. We do not tolerate any botting, if we detect you doing that you will be kicked without even a warning.

8. We do not have any guild-fee , but all donations to the guild-treasure will be appreciated and used only for the guild.

We will never random kill anyone or running after skulled people. As mentioned earlier only in self-defence.

10. Try to always help the community as much as you can.

11. During my absence, if any questions would come up, please try firstly to ask one of the Red Rose leaders, if they are not available, try with Soldiers of Justice leaders or any Seventh Circle leader.

So, be loyal, show respect, spread love and kindness!

The codex is written by me and could only be edited by me.
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