Sir Kylo's Application [Accepted]

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Sir Kylo's Application [Accepted]

Post by Sir Kylo on Sat Apr 16, 2016 12:59 am

-What's the name of your character?
My in-game character's name is Sir Kylo, the character was created shortly after I watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens so the nickname is self-explanatory Wink

-Where do you live?
Currently chilling in Svargrond (pun intended) but I own a house/shop in Carlin.

-What vocation are you?
Master Sorcerer.

-What level are you? (not important)
Currently level 67 but it keeps raising!

-Are you an active player or do you just play from time to time?
Depends on what's going on in my personal life, I try to be as active as possible but I study at university so sometimes I have to take a break lasting few weeks, but I'm always back! Overall, I am an active player.

-How old are you and where do you live in real life? What's your real name?
I'm 19 yrs old and I live in England and study in London. My real name is Michael.

-What were your previous guilds and why did you leave them?
Unfortunately I have never been in a guild before, but I'm looking forward to joining Descended Angels if my application is successful.

-Why do you want to join the Descended Angels?
First of all, it's a guild with a very clear and respectful codex which brings basic values to the game and the respect players should have towards each other. I would be privileged to represent those values in the name of the guild and to share our ideas and views with other players. Second of all, the name is pretty badass.

-Why do you think the Descended Angels is the right guild for you?
We share the same views when it comes to the tradition and values of a Tibia player. I have started playing this game 10 years ago and I have seen how it evolved and how people have changed and I strongly believe that respect is what makes this game great. I also want to share my gaming experience with other guild members and I want to enjoy the game as a team, a respectful team of committed players that Descended Angels represnt.

-Maybe you can add some of your Friends, so we can have a talk to them to find out more about you.
All my old friends retired from the game Sad

Story: Story? Well I do have a long story with tibia that's for sure. I was introduced to tibia by my cousin 10 yrs ago and for many many years I haven't achieved anything spectacular but I most definitely have explored many quests and secrets of tibia which was a great adventure . Unfortunately, me and my cousin separated our ways and the game lost its magic to me. I tried to come back several times but I always missed the part of tibia which involved cooperation. After some time I have finally came back properly and managed to get a 177lvl knight on Refugia and 101 sorcerer on the same server. Once again I took a break due to the commitments in real life and I wanted a fresh start so I have created a new sorcerer on Antica, a world that I have always somehow wanted to play on, and this sorcerer is my current character and I'm not planning on leaving tibia any time soon Smile

Sir Kylo

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Re: Sir Kylo's Application [Accepted]

Post by Ethrex on Sat Apr 16, 2016 1:04 am

Noticed and accepted! , Was really fun to read your application to be honest. Just be sure you know the codex and you will now get an invite asap as an trial member (Angelic Minion) Welcome to the Angels community! Smile

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