Read before making an application!

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Read before making an application!

Post by Ethrex on Wed Apr 13, 2016 5:53 pm

Greetings to you tibian citizen,
Firstly I'll tell you that im happy that you want to apply for this guild.

1. Firstly you need to know that your application should be done with the language: ENGLISH , not any other languages, thanks.

2. Read our codex: Our Codex

3. Your application should be done in a proper way, do not under any circumstances copy another ones application, do your own and we will gladly read it Smile

4. Your application should contain basic information such as your in real life name, age, location and ect... also your in-game information such as your characters name that you are going to join with , the age of the character, birthplace and ect.. , also a roleplaying story (not required but will make your application more interesting and we could proceed faster with it).
Example on how one application can be:
Ethrex wrote:
-What's the name of your character?

-Where do you live?

-What vocation are you?

-What level are you? (not important)

-Are you an active player or do you just play from time to time?

-How old are you and where do you live in real life? What's your real name?

-What were your previous guilds and why did you leave them?

-Why do you want to join the Descended Angels?

-Why do you think the Descended Angels is the right guild for you?

-Maybe you can add some of your Friends, so we can have a talk to them to find out more about you.


5. We will read it and firstly setting up a meeting for a interview, after that if we see you as a choice of becoming one of us we will make a vote that our current members will vote in , after that you will be invited as an "Angelic minion (trial member)" until we see you as a full member you will be making missions and quests for the leaders. The time becoming a full member is different between members so have patience Smile

6. Also other known allied guilds and members of them could of course vouch for you, that will make the joining process even faster.

7. Anything missing and we will of course tell you!

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