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About us...

Post by Ethrex on Wed Apr 13, 2016 6:28 pm

Hello and welcome to our forum.

We are a peaceful, neutral and a friendly guild in the game called Tibia in the world Antica.
We are Decsended Angels from the Heaven.

Ethrex wrote:One normal day in heaven , everyone was doing their duties and so on...
Suddenly the whole heaven shaking and we heard screams, awful awful screams...
We run to the halls of light were we always had our meetings and such, we see one angel after another fall
by the hands of the demons, somehow they managed to open the gateway from hell to heaven.
Hell was in heaven the darkness had rised without our knowledge..
We fought side by side against the evil demons and the darkness, sadly we were loosing more and more angels,
me as one of the few archangels left had to do something!
So well, i decided to abandon our beloved home with a small group of angels left to descend to Earth or
more exactly a dimension called Tibia in order to regroup, find other fallen angels and then when we got enough
forces of the light to reclaim Heaven and drive the Demons out for good!
Our mission now as it always been is to protect and help the human kind from the evil and darkness around this world and so it will be...
When we arrived here we also see that demons had nearly taken over whole Tibia also that is really sad, but there is always light in the
end of the tunnel and we wont stop before the darkness is gone from these lands!...

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